Grundfos deliver a second term

The first one is our Ecademy, this on-line education platform is open 24/7 and has been dispensing knowledge and rewarding successful module completion since 2008. With a wide range of topics that cover both general industry knowledge as well as product specifics tasks, finding our more is just a click away at Ecademy where we’ll be waiting and ready to help. 

There are however instances where you want more in-depth information, then this is where you might want to consider a face-to-face scenario, if so then our Pump School classroom-based courses are for you.  To find out more about the ten topics that are available and the various locations we can offer, visit Pump School. Registration is completed on-line and more course dates have just been added for the autumn term.

If being able to stay up to date with pump industry innovations is important to you then these training platforms will allow you to pick and choose the learning option that best suits your needs.