Grundfos S-tube® - hydraulic design just got better

The introduction of the Grundfos S-tube® technology some years ago was a very welcome addition to the pump solutions available to the industry as until that point, a choice always had to be made when selecting wastewater pumps, as to whether to focus on free passage to obtain reliable operation or high efficiency to achieve low operational costs.

And things are getting even better for the many Grundfos wastewater pump ranges that benefit from this technology such as the SE/SL families of submersible pumps. Whether you wish to select from the 1-11 kW or the 9-30 kW options you can bank on: improved fibre handling; better wear resistance as well as energy efficient operation.

Reliability is at the core of operations that are involved with the transfer of water and wastewater in network pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.  And this is what you can expect when today’s Grundfos S-tube® is involved.  

You don’t have to take our word for it as today there is now an installed base of thousands of pumps that are all enjoying the many advantages that this S-tube® technology brings, up and down the country in terms of both reduced operating costs as well as lower environmental risks.  A real ‘win/win’ situation.

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