Staying in control at Glastonbury

After a site survey, attention switched to improving the overall control and efficiency of the booster units.  This is an important aspect as energy use and sustainability are always high on Glastonbury’s agenda.  Coming up with a bespoke solution to this unique requirement, Grundfos put forward a coordinated approach that involved several suggested activities. This involved the upgrade of the pump motors to more energy efficient versions, the incorporation of a new precision dosing system and a remote monitoring system that would mean a significant improvement in data exchange. 

These changes are overarched by the new Grundfos remote monitoring system which will mean that all aspects of the network can be accessed and interrogated 24/7, with an instant inbuilt alarm to advise of any issues.  

Grundfos Pumps will not feature on the Pyramid Stage or be listed on a programme, but they are very proud to be playing a small role in delivering an important, if rather taken for granted element - water.