Health and leisure matters

Recognising the importance of the connection between our wellbeing and the overall health of our body and minds has probably never been under the spotlight more than it is today.  So as we all have become more aware of the benefits that destination leisure locations such as the Wye Leisure in Herefordshire, can offer us, they too realise that that as a place of sanctuary from the everyday stresses, they want to deliver an optimal experience.

This includes them looking after their entire infrastructure, and to do this they turned to Helec Ltd to make sure that their M&E support system was as fit for purpose as the rest of their promise. This in turn identified a need to upgrade their pump solutions and they turned to Grundfos for advice.

Having identified that there was an additional requirement to support the LPHW, the Grundfos MAGNA3 was selected. The selection of this highly efficient award winning circulator, which is now happily in situ and operating via Delta T, will ensure that all the hot water demands are met both effectively and efficiently.