Nottingham Medical Center benefits from Grundfos upgrade

The Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, was the first purpose built teaching hospital in the UK when it was opened by the Queen in 1977. Today it remains one of the biggest and busiest acute hospitals in England with its A&E department serving 2.5m local residents, as well as delivering specialist services to a further 2-4 million people in neighbouring areas.

With so many demands on it, it is of little surprise that it was recently the focus of a much needed NHS refurbishment, that included upgrading the M&E solution. This was required not only to improve the building standards, but also the experiences for visitors, patients as well as the 14,500 dedicated staff.

Ensuring the system was ready to meet all the demands placed upon it, Grundfos Pumps worked with consultants Service Design Associates from Sheffield and contractors VWG from Bradford to specify and supply the updated and more efficient boiler feed pumps via BSS.

Today the 1300 bed hospital has been given a clean bill of health to continue to deliver the excellent standards of care that have been synonymous with its reputation for over 40 years.