It’s all there in black and white

Changes to the Building Regulations in Scotland have recently been announced, these will come into effect in March 2021. They will include the requirement for automated fire suppression systems to be installed in high rise residential buildings, houses of multiple occupancy as well as in social housing situations.

Grundfos Pumps, who have been a key supplier to the fire industry for many years and who have the capacity to design, test and build - to an extensive list of approvals - a wide variety of fire protection equipment at their production facility in Sunderland, have welcomed this news.

As a prominent pump manufacturer, Grundfos are proud of their wide range of fire pump systems that are designed to operate within sprinkler, water misting and wet riser applications. These systems can be installed in a range of situations that include: individual homes, a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, as well as within high-rise settings. Because of the plug ‘n’ play nature and versatile installation, Grundfos’ systems can be retrofitted to address existing risk as well as being deployed in new builds.