When bigger is better - the Grundfos CR/CRN 185

Built on a platform of innovation since 1971, when their ground-breaking in-line design meant that they could be installed in a system with simplified pipework, the CR family have continuously evolved to meet a wide range of increasingly exacting demands.

Today, the Grundfos CR range of multistage centrifugal pumps are at the heart of so many applications and projects that it would be fair to call them the backbone of commercial, industrial and wastewater pumping demands.

With a strong reputation that has been built on reliability and efficiency these pumps will happily operate as a standalone or in an integrated system and the latest line extension has now seen the CR/CRN 185 join the line-up and means they will be the ideal choice when a project demands a larger pump to meet its demands, as they offer an operating range of up to an impressive 240m3/h and 350m.

Additionally these pumps come with the assurance that every single pump is tested and validated prior to shipping, so when they do arrive with you, they are already preconfigured and wired and are ready to plug & pump.

So when you need to select a multistage centrifugal pump for your new or existing project, choose the Grundfos CR for their proven performance and durability.