A MAGNAificent performer

When launched back in 2001, there were high expectations that the Grundfos MAGNA range of circulators would change hearts and minds, due to their ultra-efficient design and permanent magnet motor.

Twenty years later and the now award winning  MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 families are firmly established as the favourite options for a wide range of light commercial/commercial applications including: heating and cooling demands, domestic water environments, ground source and solar heating systems.

Today, despite having sold these pumps in the millions, Grundfos haven’t rested on their laurels and the ranges have continued to evolve which means they can benefit from a simple user interface that means pumps can be monitored via a fault relay.  Additionally, they offer a digital start/stop input that will allow the pump to be monitored remotely, plus having a wireless function means that the popular twin-pump models will secure continuous operation.

MAGNA3 models offer a range of settings where more advanced operation is required, while the MAGNA1 is the perfect solution in a refurbishment situation where there is a need to either replace a Grundfos UPS product or one of the smaller models from the original MAGNA family.