Discover Grundfos modular systems: tailor-made solutions at your fingertips

Did you know that Grundfos manufactures a range of modular solutions?

Also known as off-site manufacturing, or engineered-to-order, modular systems are designed and manufactured in a safe and controlled Grundfos factory environment based in Europe. 

Why choose a modular system?

As the construction industry is driven towards greater efficiency, many applications are increasingly being built off-site. Grundfos prefabricated solutions meet the needs of the market by offering customised and tested systems for individual or collective requirements. The units arrive on site ready to be connected mechanically and electrically and capable of immediate start-up.



What are the advantages of choosing prefabricated solutions and for which applications?

Modular systems remove the unknown factors associated with on-site construction. Building certain applications off-site ensures the quality of critical systems and increases on-site productivity while reducing the risk of injury, delays, waste and rework.

60% of new construction result in a time overrun of more than 10%.

75% of new projects exceed the initial budget by more than 25%.

75% of on site manpower can be dedicated to other tasks!

Plant productivity reaches 80% compared to 40% for a traditional site.

Working conditions in the factory are 80% safer than those on the construction site thanks to reducted handling and movement.

Waste is reduced to only 2-3% in the factories and can be almost entirely recycled.

Welcome to Grundfos Sunderland

The Grundfos manufacturing plant is based in the North-East of England and is a recognised centre of manufacturing excellence that offers customers design, build, assemble, test and distribution from under one roof.

Discover our range of different solutions by application in this dedicated brochure.


This brochure outlines the advantages and benefits of choosing prefabricated solutions. In addition, you will find examples of solutions by application as well as a list of the materials used in their manufacture. On the last page, a presentation of the Grundfos factory in Sunderland, England, is also included.

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