Grundfos MULTIBOX – Your rescue package

Heavy rain, leaking cellar doors, lack of backflow protection or water in the basement. Treat flooding immediately with the Grundfos MULTIBOX.


Heavy rain, overflooding river, burst pipes – if you must watch helplessly as your own house runs full of water, time is crucial to avoid costly damage.

Early and prudent reaction minimizes major property damage considerably: provided you have the necessary equipment at hand in an emergency. With the MULTIBOX, you can react quickly and decisively in the event of a crisis if your cellar is under water. In addition to the flat-suction UNILIFT CC dirty water pump, it contains all the necessary hoses and materials for rapid cellar drainage.

Preventive protective measures will become increasingly important in the future: Due to climate change, large-scale weather conditions will stay in place for longer, which means that more and more areas will be exposed to potential flood risks. As a result, infrastructure will become overloaded more frequently and unexpectedly by floods and downpours. Secure yourself and your property at an early stage with our reliable solutions– with the MULTIBOX a complete package in case of flooding, so you can protect your property effectively.

In this video, we will show you how to use the MULTIBOX and the UNILIFT CC correctly for cellar drainage – or alternatively empty your pond or pool.

In an emergency - all the equipment is combined in the MULTIBOX

The MULTIBOX is specially designed for flood and heavy rain protection. With an aim to have everything at hand in one place, especially in emergency situations.  The carrying box contains everything you need to protect your home: an extra-long 15 m pressure hose with stainless steel kink protection, which guarantees maximum pump performance even with sharp turns; an integrated check valve that prevents backflow, and the Grundfos UNILIFT CC water pump with a 10 m cable.

When every second counts

Always ready for immediate use – just the assurance you need from a drainage pump in an emergency. With the UNILIFT CC at the heart of our flood rescue package, we have achieved exactly that: Thanks to the multi-sized adapter, the vertical and horizontal connection options and the integrated check valve, there is no need to fiddle around with connections or desperately look for adapters and accessories. When it matters – grab MULTIBOX, connect the pump and save valuable minutes. Fits anytime and anywhere.

Well protected thanks to UNILIFT CC

If the basement is flooded, you can prevent major water damage with the right shallow water pump, such as the one at the center of our MULTIBOX - the UNILIFT CC. With the UNILIFT CC, we rely on a proven concept, which allows for more flexibility in connectivity, better operability in confined spaces and high reliability, even with a rough use. 

Double outlet

The UNILIFT CC features double outlet, so it immediately fits all connections, horizontally or vertically.

Flat suction to less than 3 mm

By simply removing the screen foot, the UNILIFT CC pumps water from less than 3mm deep, so that the floor is wiped dry.

Automatic venting

Automatic venting ensures smooth operation, even in turbulent water inlet or dry pump sump.

Drainage pumps for inside or outside the home

As a rule, domestic wastewater is discharged without additional facilities via a natural slope. It’s only when problems with backwater and flooded cellars occur, appropriate measures must be taken. 
Grundfos offers a wide range of particularly reliable and efficient solutions for all building drainage tasks.


Composite drainage pumps with a free passage of 10 mm for pumping clean, non-aggressive water and slightly contaminated dirty water (grey water).


Stainless steel drainage pumps for pumping non-aggressive water and grey water, such as leachate and domestic waste water with solid particles of maximum 10 mm.


Stainless steel. Clean, non-aggressive, lighter gray wastewater/without faeces. Vertical departure. Variants for respectively 12 mm and 35 mm particles.

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