Installing and setting up the MAGNA3

Take a closer look at how to install and set up your MAGNA3 circulator pump.

Once you have bolted the MAGNA3 firmly in place, start by simply loosening the new clamp ring screw, so you can turn the pump head. The pump head must always be fixed in the 3 o clock position because the MAGNA3 is air-cooled.

If the pump needs to be connected to a control and monitoring system, all you need to do is to put in the appropriate CIM module. This is easily done and is a great improvement from the time when you had to mount a separate CIU box on the wall next to the pump. Another improvement is that the MAGNA3 communicates via wireless radio.
This means that by using a dongle, you can quickly and easy setup the MAGNA3 through the free Grundfos GO remote app.

It is also possible to set up MAGNA3 solely via the pump display.
Start by specifying language
Date and time.
Then select the operation mode – the default setting is AUTOADAPT which is the recommended setting for 2-pipe radiator systems.

For guided setup, choose ‘go to application wizard’and consult the booklet for illustrations of the different applications. Choosing ‘automatic’ will put the pump in the AUTOADAPT mode or you can choose to manually select a duty point.
Enter flow and pressure and a summary of the result is displayed.

You can always find the applications under ‘assist‘ if you need to select another application. You can choose ‘status’ to see important parameters.
For more information, consult the booklet.

Using Grundfos GO, you can protect the pump settings from being changed by deactivating the settings menu. It can easily be enabled again, if needed.
Once you are done, you can use Grundfos GO to generate a report and send it to your customer on the spot.

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