47 - The UPS3 circulator pump

This course will introduce you to the main benefits of the UPS3 circulator pump and the applications in which it can be used. You’ll also gain an understanding of the pump’s control modes, as well as how to use the Grundfos GO Replace to help you with pump replacements or upgrades.

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Course overview

Modules: 3
Completion time
Completion time: 17 minutes
Difficulty level
Difficulty level: Intermediate
This course is part of a learning track
This course is part of a Learning Track

Course overview


An introduction to the applications and control modes of the UPS3 circulator pump

Learn about the different applications UPS3 is suitable for and get an insight into the various control modes that have been specifically developed to suit these applications.


Features and benefits of the UPS3 circulator pump

Find out about the features and benefits of the UPS3, including increased energy-efficiency and easy pump replacement.


How to use the GO Replace app for pump replacements and upgrades

Gain a step-by-step understanding of the GO Replace app and ensure that you are better equipped next time you need to replace or upgrade a heating pump. In this UPS3 Ecademy course we are referring to the Grundfos GO Replace app. The app is discontinued but the GO Replace for circulators functionality can now be found as part of the Grundfos GO app.

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