40% of European heating systems are inefficient

Did you know Europe has over 130 million domestic circulators in operation and about 40% of them are inefficient? The good news is, you can play a major role in reducing the world’s energy consumption – without much effort.

Old pumps are inefficient and costly to run

Pumps that are over 10 years old are usually far less efficient than current models. In fact, replacing an old circulator can save up to 75% energy consumption. Imagine if all circulators were high-efficiency like the Grundfos ALPHA2, ALPHA3 or UPM3 GO Balance – the electricity savings would equal the energy consumption of four million European citizens. You make a big difference in making this happen and have a positive impact on your customers’ energy bill and Europe’s environment.

Replace inefficiency with high efficiency

When you’re called out to fix an old boiler, heat pump or circulator, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll come across a Grundfos circulator inside. And, while it mightn’t sound like replacing one circulator does much, if you add up how many you and your colleagues replace over a year, it results in significant savings. And that’s why Grundfos has made it easy to find the best possible pump for any heating system.

GO Replace

Download the Grundfos GO Replace app and you’ll find replacing old pumps faster and easier than it’s ever been. All you need to do is scan the circulator and the app will suggest the ideal pump replacement.

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