Have your MIXIT at hand anywhere in the world with Grundfos BuildingConnect

MIXIT includes a free monitoring solution on Grundfos BuildingConnect that includes map- and schematic overview, temperature, valve opening, simple alarms and other system information. All the information is provided in the intuitive and user-friendly platform Grundfos BuildingConnect.

Furthermore, your MIXIT can easily be upgraded to a professional version that includes a Full monitoring, Remote control, Trend data, Analytics, Insightful alarms and User management. Upgrading the MIXIT is done seamless, you can either upgrade to Grundfos BuildingConnect Professional by a CONNECT Upgrade or directly through the BuildingConnect platform, no need to upgrade the hardware or similar. 

MIXIT is easily onboarded on to Grundfos BuildingConnect by connecting the MIXIT solution to the internet by an Ethernet plug (RJ45) and a user-friendly commissioning wizard in Grundfos GO Remote App guides you through the process, once the commission wizard in GO Remote App is done you simple enter the Unique Identification code provide in the wizard into the BuildingConnect platform create or add it to a location and then you MIXIT is connected to Grundfos BuildingConnect.

MIXIT includes a free monitoring solution on Grundfos BuildingConnect. Watch this video to learn more.

MIXIT on BuildingConnect offers

  • Free monitoring solution included with all MIXITs
  • Intuitive and User-friendly platform
  • Additional functionality by upgrading to BuildingConnect Professional 
  • No additional hardware needed 
  • Easy and seamless onboarding

Go to the BuildingConnect Portal

Your access to the innovative building intelligence platform that brings realtime monitoring and control solutions right at your fingertips.

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