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Highly efficient heat pumps

Correctly balanced, heat pumps can play a major part in helping to reduce CO2 emissions and increase efficiency, while providing more cost effective forms of heating and cooling. 

Increasing electrification

As we strive to limit our impact on the planet and consume less energy, heat pumps will play an important and continuing role in minimising energy waste. Electricity-powered heating, cooling and hot water production is set to increase with more and more countries and regions making the switch. For instance, the EU has committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and to become fully carbon neutral by 2050.

Most people are aware of the energy savings potential of these efficient heating and cooling solutions, but what’s less commonly known is the role heat pumps can play in realising these ambitions.

Balancing is key to optimal performance

Compared to traditional boilers, heat pumps are more sensitive to incorrect hydronic balancing of the distribution system. This is because of the higher flow levels they operate on and the direct correlation between the temperature and COP (Coefficient of Performance) of the heat pump. To make a real change, the system needs to be fully controlled and managed efficiently.

Ready, set – GO Balance

With these requirements in mind, at Grundfos we’ve developed some tools to help make the change to a heat pump and balancing easy. The new version of our hydronic balancing app, GO Balance, is also designed to simplify heat pump balancing.

A logical step-by-step process

Installers experienced with using the GO Balance have reported carrying out balancing heating systems in under an hour – which is quite a time saving compared to the traditional balancing process. The app takes the installer through the steps one by one, before providing an in-depth report. It’s the fast and easy way for installers to ensure correct balancing, reduce energy consumption and help people and business cut costs.

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