Using data in wastewater management


Climate change and urbanisation are placing wastewater networks under increasing strain. As populations concentrate in urban areas, more households and businesses are added to networks never intended to support such density – often comprised of ageing pumps and pipes.

And changing climates increasingly depart from the expected conditions underpinning wastewater network design. Weather is getting more unpredictable, and more extreme – while the water level of seas and rivers rise, causing flooding on the land.

Currently, these trends affect some regions more than others. But they apply everywhere and will only amplify over time; stressing wastewater networks more with each passing year.

For wastewater networks to remain reliable in an uncertain future, they must become more resilient and more adaptable. In this whitepaper, we will take you through the three-part strategy for harnessing data to scale wastewater networks for long-term reliability – achieving greater cost efficiency as a consequence.


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