Cloud-based solution to optimise operation and ease expansion or repair of your wastewater network.

Modules that optimise operation and ease expansion or repair

GRUNDFOS iSOLUTIONS CLOUD FOR WASTEWATER NETWORK turns data into actionable insights. We deliver modules that help water utilities to deal with actual flow, infiltration, predictive maintenance, and which provide proactive overflow warnings and show in real time pumping station capacity. The solution provides the necessary insights so you can take informed and documented decisions on how to refurbish your sewer network, save energy and ensure action-orientated service instructions to optimise performance in the network and prevent overflows from happening.

GRUNDFOS iSOLUTIONS CLOUD FOR WASTEWATER NETWORK can identify infiltration water by monitoring actual flow in sewers and enables predictive maintenance to save energy and labour before a breakdown occurs.

Grundfos brings in-depth knowledge of wastewater applications and solutions that means our digital wastewater management solutions truly add value. We have used our knowledge to build an optimistion module for wastewater networks that improves the network, saves hours in operations and increases work-hour efficiency. You get a high degree of flexibility with digital solutions and services that match your requirements and which can be further adapted to your exact needs.

GRUNDFOS iSOLUTIONS CLOUD FOR WASTEWATER NETWORK modules can be delivered as a part of Grundfos iSOLUTIONS CLOUD, as an intelligent audit report or as an API into your SCADA system. The modules can be used on top of your existing SCADA/SRO system and work with all equipment in your system.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance and system optimisation indicates a potential optimisation in relation to pipes, pumps, valves, auto-coupling and the operational controller in pumping stations. This includes data-driven optimisation suggestions which lead to documented decisions that improve not only the standalone pumping station, but the entire wastewater network. The optimisation potential is identified, meaning you can bring the right tools, personnel and parts for resolving the situation efficiently.

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Overflow warning

Proactive overflow warnings indicate events or times where the water level is increasing while the pumps are not performing at full capacity. Getting the right alarms at the right time means you can act to prevent an overflow situation.

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Actual flow

Get actual flow data from your sewer pipes and pits, as well as data on the origin of infiltration in your system, whether rain-related  or slow infiltration-related. This enables you to minimise infiltration and achieve savings in the wastewater network by knowing the additional flow that needs to be pumped and cleaned at the treatment plant. The result is real OPEX savings and help with prioritising your network redesign.

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Infiltration flow

An event-based infiltrating flow, and the daily flow profile correlated with the precipitation profile, means you can differentiate between rain-dependent infiltration and groundwater infiltration using real data from your wastewater network. Infiltration flow gives you the necessary information for refurbishing your sewer network. If there is additional flow caused by rain infiltration, this will mean leakages typically at the pumping station lid, a faulty connection in the pipes or drainage connected to the sewer.

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Pumping station capacity utilisation

An audit of pumping station and pump function shows the amount of water that is being moved compared to the full capacity. This improves asset management because you know the size of your pumping station and what needs to be optimised. You can determine whether you are using the right size of pumps in the pumping station, gain pump energy savings and discover potential H2S generation.

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