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Meet Purnima – our inquisitive test engineer

Purnima Karnati, Senior System Test Engineer


Who am I

I moved to Denmark four years ago and joined Grundfos in 2019. I have a Bachelor in Computer Applications and a Master in Information Systems. As I came to Denmark, I saw a great opportunity to work, learn and grow with and through Grundfos. I began my Grundfos career with software testing and development, where I worked with many different standalone web and mobile applications. Now, as a Senior System Test Engineer, I take pride in verifying and validating software connected to real time products. 

I truly believe that Grundfos is the perfect place for me to work, learn and grow.
Purnima Karnati

How I make a difference

I believe that I make a difference by collecting and validating valuable data in an end-to-end context. So, the whole process from testing the hardware of the different systems and parts in the pump to the data is shown in the ‘cloud’. In this way, we can detect issues with our products early on, so the end-user receives the best possible product and experience with Grundfos. 

A true learning culture

Every day is different. So whatever project I’m working on, I get the chance to use my knowledge while learning something new. When I first joined Grundfos, I was not used to navigating within the field of electronics, but with continuous support from my talented colleagues, I feel like I’ve become an expert within this field. So, the Grundfos learning culture also stands out to me as being something incredibly unique.

I take pride in making a real and impactful difference for our customers. And while doing so, I am driven by an eagerness to expand my repertoire and broaden my knowledge. I embrace all kinds of challenges and that is why I truly believe that Grundfos is the perfect place for me to work, learn and grow.

I strive to become a Product Owner for a specific area and become the point of contact for many questions from many people. I want to constantly learn, and I learn most efficiently through communication and dialogue with my colleagues. 


My advice for future colleagues 

Underpinned in the Grundfos tagline ‘Possibility in every drop’, I would say that there are possibilities in every ‘drop’ in your career as well. Each drop that we deliver to the end-user will also be added to your personal pool of knowledge. Grundfos offers a wide variety of opportunities for internal career development, and you oversee what direction you want to take your career.  

Fun fact

I am currently enrolled in a Danish language-programme. My colleagues still find my pronunciations quite entertaining and sometimes tease me by saying something in Danish that I don’t understand! But it’s all fun and games and they contribute to my learning. Danish is not an easy language to learn, but I keep telling myself that I just have to keep practicing and then I’ll get there someday. 

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