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Today, HVAC and water systems in buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy use. To succeed with the green energy transition, we need to radically reduce energy consumption in buildings and improve energy efficiency at scale. Let’s Explore NEXT!

The challenges we face

Energy prices are rising. We urgently need to fight climate change. And one of the biggest opportunities to tackle both issues can be found in the buildings we live, work and spend most of our time in. Here are some of the most crucial challenges we face – and we need your help to solve them. 

40% of Europe’s total energy consumption comes from buildings.

Two-thirds of pumps run at full capacity all the time, when it is only needed 5% of the time.

63% of the energy reduction needed to reach net-zero emissions, require people to change behaviour.

Calling all explorers!

Are you an installer or engineer? Join us in the next energy movement and let’s change the way HVAC and water systems are designed, installed and operated. 

Let’s unlock new energy possibilities!

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Stay updated to learn more about the innovative solutions and prototypes that can help us unlock new energy possibilities and save 53.5TWh energy by 2030.

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