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The green transition will not succeed without energy efficiency

Energy prices are rising. We urgently need to fight climate change. And one of the biggest opportunities to tackle both issues can be found in the buildings we live, work and spend most of our time in. Here are some of the most crucial challenges we face – and we need your help to solve them.

The challenges we face

From inefficient heating systems and scaling up the use of renewables to replacing old pumps with new, more energy-efficient pumps – even for people that can’t afford to invest in new solutions – there’s plenty to get started on. Below, you can take a look at some of the challenges that we need you to help us solve.

40% of Europe’s total energy consumption comes from buildings, and it has been estimated that up to 97% of Europe’s buildings require upgrades to improve their energy efficiency.1

Changing HVAC and water solution design, installation and operation present a huge 53.5TWh energy reduction potential in Europe.

34 million European citizens are “energy poor”, meaning that they can't afford to choose the green solution that will save money on their monthly energy bills. 2 3

Energy efficiency is crucial for equitable access to green energy in the future.

10-20% less efficient HVAC installations due to the lack of tools/possibilities to do off-site commissioning and balancing. 7

Developing innovative tools will help you and your customers achieve greater energy efficiency.

63% of the energy reduction needed to reach net-zero emissions, require people to change behaviour and the way they do things. 8

Reaching net-zero by 2050, requires radical behaviour changes and widespread HVAC and water solution energy efficiency in buildings.

How can we solve the challenges together?

When it comes to the green transition in HVAC and water systems, the hard truth is that we are moving way too slowly. Energy efficiency has the potential to play a crucial role as we transition towards a society where we consume less and let no energy go to waste.

But how do we speed things up? Imagine the power of all the best brains in the industry working together – there’s no limit to what can be achieved. We want to co-innovate with our customers to solve the challenges we’re facing – and if we are successful, we’ll be able to save a massive 53.5TWh energy by 2030.

That’s why we, at Grundfos, are inviting all installers and engineers to join the Explore NEXT movement, an initiative for co-creation. Together with our customers, we want to discover, learn and share ideas that can push HVAC and water systems into the future.

Innovation coming up

Stay updated to learn more about the innovative solutions and prototypes that can help us unlock new energy possibilities and save 53.5TWh energy by 2030.

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