Save up to £110 a year by replacing your pump

Small investments that help you enjoy comfort in your home while saving energy costs.

It’s time to think smart

The world is in the middle of a global energy crisis. There´s never been a greater need for smarter ways to save energy in our homes. Replacing your old pump with a smart pump unlocks substantial saving potentials with the lowest cost and highest return on investment – yet most homeowners overlook it.

How much is your circulator pump costing you?

Running old circulator pumps can be inefficient and costly. The good news: a smart UPS3 pump enables you to save up to £110 a year without compromising your comfort.

Two thirds of pumps run at full capacity at all times – resulting in waste of energy every day. A major waste of energy that you could easily prevent with smart circulator pumps that adapt to the actual energy need.

Replace your pump

and make everyone in your family comfortable

Are you saving energy where it matters most?

Many homeowners strive to save energy, from switching off lights to turning down the heating, but few are making changes where it matters most. You can save up to £7 by replacing a light bulb each year. But did you know you can save up to £110 by replacing your old circulator pump?

Low energy consumption. Easy upgrades.

The older a pump the more costly it becomes to run. Upgrading your heating system with a smart Grundfos pump is the most cost-effective way to lower your energy consumption. Smart pumps can be easily upgraded, they are a futureproof investment that´s designed to keep saving you money.

Is your new circulator pump smart?

There is a right and wrong choice when it comes to selecting a smart circulator pump. A non-compliant pump will not deliver the efficiency and cost benefits of a smart circulator pump.

Here´s what to look out for when identifying a smart pump:

  • Several control modes
  • Adaptive operations
  • Minimum EEI rating ≤0.20

Start saving now!

Find out how Grundfos UPS3 pump can help you save money on your next energy bill.


  • Ideal for family homes
  • Up to £110 more energy efficient than old fixed speed pumps
  • Flexible solution for use in almost any heating application
  • Low noise

A smart circulator pump makes everyday more comfortable

Experience how our UPS3 solution works in your home and learn more about what it can do for you and your family.

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