Data integration - Grundfos Utility Analytics

Grundfos Utility Analytics is web-based and meticulously crafted with a focus on security, performance, reliability, and redundancy. Internet connectivity is established exclusively through secure servers, which manage traffic in accordance with the HTTPS protocol. These servers distribute traffic in a balanced and redundant manner to a DMZ, housing the applications, databases, and storage servers.

Proactive monitoring and data management

The entire system is continuously monitored by reactive systems that check access and system performance and notify the support team of conditions requiring action. The monitoring system produces detailed indicators referring to the fundamental parameters of the machines. A persistent archiving system for both on-premises and off-site backups are also installed. This setup addresses the requirement for occasional data replacement or disaster recovery scenarios.

Innovative software deployment for seamless connectivity

In the deployment of Grundfos Utility Analytics' Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, an agent, a small open-source Java program, is employed. This agent reads data from the customer's data directory and securely transmits it to the Grundfos Utility Analytics instance via an authenticated REST web service.

The agent is programmed either by the water utility or in collaboration with the Grundfos team to monitor changes in the data at predefined intervals (e.g., every 15 minutes) and relay this information to Grundfos Utility Analytics. It operates as a one-way (read-only) mechanism, fully controlled by the water utility. Grundfos has no influence over the agent; it is entirely managed by the utility's team, who also possess the agent's base code.

Data processing in the Grundfos Utility Analytics technology relies on a cloud service that ensures both data security and seamless connectivity with various systems.

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Innovative software with ironclad security

One of the most comprehensive infrastructure asset management solutions for water and wastewater networks, Grundfos Utility Analytics uses advanced data encryption to keep your information safe. Learn more about the technical features by clicking on one of the boxes below.