Data visualisations - Grundfos Utility Analytics

Grundfos Utility Analytics combines and displays data from all modules in interactive, graphical visualisations to make it swift and easy for anyone in your organisation to decode and derive insights from the data analysis performed by the software. Interactive 3D maps present water indicators and KPIs in a way that offers everyone in your organisation an overview of the performance and physical infrastructure of individual pipes. It also shows their connections to buildings within the city network and consumption behaviours in comparison to demographic data.

Increase data accessibility

By making information accessible to everyone in your organisation, the visualisations can help improve communication across your water utility organisation. The visualisations in Grundfos Utility Analytics can be personalised to effectively communicate desired information, with the option to either present a comprehensive overview or zoom in to display specific details.

Enable fact-based decision-making

As a result, the software can be seamlessly integrated into staff workflows, ensuring ease of use on a daily basis. Overall, the visualisations available in Grundfos Utility Analytics aid in enabling fact-based decision-making about optimisation of operations and planning within your water or wastewater network.

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Innovative software with ironclad security

One of the most comprehensive infrastructure asset management solutions for water and wastewater networks, Grundfos Utility Analytics uses advanced data encryption to keep your information safe. Learn more about the technical features by clicking on one of the boxes below.