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We offer everything needed for biological treatment, including pump solutions, dosing solutions, mixers, aeration, frequency drives, control and connectivity.

Using a biological process to pump wastewater requires several pumps in the tank, such as feed pumps, recirculation pumps or sludge pumps. This means you need installation flexibility – and with Grundfos pumps, you get a variety of installation options.

Grundfos offers wastewater pumps, systems and accessories to meet all requirements across industrial effluent pumping.

In biological treatment, you often need dosing chemicals like nutrient dosing or pH control dosing. That means you need reliable dosing pumps to provide chemical additives to the bacterial process or chemical precipitation. Grundfos dosing pumps come equipped with full dosing capacity to supply all dosing demands in the biological process.

Chemical treatment is a key part of industrial wastewater treatment. Grundfos offers a wide range of solutions that cover the entire industrial chemical treatment process.

Grundfos also offers energy-efficient gear-driven mixers that provide the highest thrust-to-power ratio. In addition, you get a wide range of mixer choices along with all required accessories and controls, such as external frequency drivers. That way, you can meet your mixing demand in biological buffer and sludge tanks.

Aeration is one of the key process steps of biological treatment, and it consumes the majority of energy in a treatment plant. Our bottom diffusers, both coarse and fine, provide a greater oxygen transfer rate for oxygenation, thereby saving a significant amount of blower energy. The Grundfos diffuser system comes with all the necessary accessories, such as lateral connecting pipes, and retractable couplings, something that is particularly useful when it comes to servicing diffusers without emptying the biological tanks.

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Grundfos offers a wide range of pumping solutions to meet every requirement in biological treatment.

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