Reduce energy waste

Are you aware of how much energy goes to waste when water is leaking from your network?

Whether you are dealing with small leaks or large pipe bursts, paying to transport water through your system only to have it leaked leads to unnecessary expenses. And with rising energy prices, this hidden financial impact of pipe breaks can easily become significant. 

Not to mention the impact leaks can have on your public image. With today’s large focus on sustainability, it is essential to keep your water and energy consumption as low as possible and preferably eliminate any waste.

How large is the hidden cost of your water loss?

If 1 m3 of non-revenue water requires 1 kWh for transportation and 1 kWh costs about €0.5, a yearly water loss of 1,000,000 m3 equals about €500,000 in unnecessary energy expenses.

Solution: Automatic monitoring and proactive asset management

To reduce energy waste, it is essential that pipe breaks are dealt with in a timely manner or, even better, prevented from happening at all. Increasing your focus on long-term planning can help you decrease leakage. 

You can learn more about how to detect and locate leaks here and how to reduce your pipe burst rate through asset management here.