How To Guide

Getting started with Grundfos Connect

In this section, you will find a step-by-step guide to getting started with Grundfos Connect. You will learn how to create an account, select the right hardware to connect your devices, and how to create your digital assets in the platform, including the initial settings.

Account creation​

Learn how to create a account and how to access the service portal to create a Grundfos Connect account.​ 

This video covers:

  • Creating a personal account​
  • Creating a Grundfos Connect account in the service portal
  • Terms for sale of Grundfos Connect

Hardware selection

Learn how to select the right hardware to connect your devices in the EICA selection tool.

This video covers: ​ 

  • How to access the EICA tool
  • Regional settings
  • Hardware and connectivity selection
  • How to find the right hardware to connect your system


Service portal

Learn how to create your account’s digital infrastructure as well as how to invite users, grant them access to different assets and assign roles. ​You can even do this before receiving the hardware.  

This video covers: ​ 

  • How to create zones and installations
  • Inviting users​
  • Granting user access
  • Assigning user roles

Profile settings​

 Learn how to set up your profile in Grundfos Connect.​

This video covers:

  • Setting up your profile
  • How to enable alert notifications