APC No moving parts, no problem

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The Situation

APC by Schneider Electric is one of the biggest and most innovative suppliers of liquid cooling solutions in the world. In using our VFS sensors, they manage to monitor and control their systems for both flow and temperature.

Customer statement from Kevin Lemke, Staff Product Manager – InRow Cooling, APC by Schneider Electric:

“APC by Schneider Electric is a leading provider of precision cooling solutions for IT environments. The cooling solutions we provide are integrated with active response controls that monitor and react to changes in the IT environment.As a part of the control system, we monitor several sensors and adjust the cooling units performance to ensure stable inlet temperatures to the IT equipment. A performance point that we relay to the end user is the actual cooling capacity of the unit. This provides visibility to the amount of cooling that is being provided by individual units or groups. IT managers can use this data for planning the deployment of server assets based on available capacity locations.”

The Grundfos Solution

“One way that we are able to capture the data required is by equipping each InRow® cooling unit with a Grundfos flowmeter. This allows us the ability to read the flow rate of fluid travelling through the unit and combine that with the entering and leaving water temperature data to calculate the current cooling capacity of the unit or group of units.”

The Outcome

“The Grundfos flow meter’s lack of moving parts provide us with a reliable flow sensing solution to enable our controls to provide a predictable solution for an unpredictable environment.”

Speed, efficiency and flexibility are critical as you move forward, and finding the right cooling and protection equipment that allows you to achieve this can be challenging. As a leading global, single-source supplier of IT cooling solutions, Grundfos can help you meet these demands.

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