Grundfos Provides Fully Optimized & Intelligent Solutions for Reverse Osmosis

If you are building complete reverse osmosis solutions or looking for intelligent solutions for your industrial water systems, look no further than Grundfos. In addition to offering the market-leading pumps and components, Grundfos now offers packaged and fully optimized intelligent reverse osmosis solutions. 

Packaged intelligent reverse osmosis solutions are ideal for applications in industries where water quality and purification needs are top priorities. These industries include but are not limited to, the food & beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, and applications such as cooling towers, wash and clean and paint shops. 

Grundfos’ intelligent package solutions take advantage of CR pumps variable speed e-motors with input and output modules, making it possible for small and mid-range reverse osmosis (RO) systems to operate with the same functionality of larger RO systems, often at a much lower cost. 

Coupling Grundfos E-motors with Grundfos smart sensors and digital dosing pumps make it possible to purchase core intelligent reverse osmosis components from one single supplier. A single supplier provides the benefit of decreased complexity in system integration, costs and fewer service and maintenance issues. 

Grundfos intelligent solutions for reverse osmosis can provide: 

  • Optimized system performance by reacting to performance data and adjusting to system demand, providing energy efficiencies
  • Plug and play options customized to customer and system needs
  • An integrated user interface, for pump and remote monitoring from your device
  • Improved reliability through reduced production downtime and maintenance cost

By integrating Grundfos’ intelligent reverse osmosis solutions, RO systems can vastly reduce energy consumption. Grundfos intelligent reverse osmosis solutions also provide system builders with off-the-shelf solutions, customizable to their customer’s needs. 

Geonwater designs and manufactures complete pre-engineered water treatment systems for numerous process applications. Their RO (reverse osmosis) systems for use in smaller applications rely on core Grundfos products to build a complete system on one skid. “With smaller iRO systems, we have a real advantage because we can use all digital signals with as few components as possible and still make a very large impact in usability,” says Marijn Kools, the owner and CEO of Geonwater. 

“We have a lot of components on a normal RO system, which customers have to constantly supervise to get optimum performance. It is an advantage that we can now do all of this digitally and help customers optimize their system. Even if they only have a small system,” concluded Marjin.