TPE2 vs. TPE3 - When to Choose What

Learn when to use the TPE2 and when to use the TPE3

In this session we will look at the differences between TPE2 and TPE3, and find out in which situations the TPE2 is the right choice.

The TPE3 contains some radically new features that enable it to optimize the system and application it is a part of.

These are features like the delta T control mode, the built-in heat energy meter, flow limit function and an integrated delta p sensor and temperature sensor. These make the pump able to operate efficiently in several control modes without any external pressure or temperature sensors.  

That is why we always recommend the TPE3 as your first choice.
However, a couple of features are present in the TPE2 and not in the TPE3. And if you need these particular features for your pump system, you should of course choose the TPE2.

The features in question are the advanced setpoint influence function and the limit exceeded function.

Let’s look at those two functions for a minute.
The advanced set-point influence function makes it possible for you to define your individual choice of parameters that decide how the performance of the pump should change.

Those parameters could be outside temperature or a differential temperature.
Let´s take a runaround heat recovery system, where the flow should depend on the temperature difference between two air streams. When the temperature difference is high the pump performance should be high as well.

And when the temperature difference is low, the pump performance should be reduced. And at a certain temperature the pump should stop.    

With the advanced set-point function, the pump’s performance will change according to the difference in temperature between the two air streams.   
The limit exceeded function is another function that allows you to customize the pump’s operation.

With this function you decide on a particular parameter, such as pressure or temperature, that should influence pump operation – that is, you set the limit for this parameter.

Let´s take the example from before. When the delta T reaches and exceeds a given value or limit, in this case 2 °C, the pump will stop operating until the delta T once again is above a defined limit. In this case at a delta T of 3 °C.

In conclusion, if you need to be able to create your own parameters to control the pump’s operation, you should choose the TPE2 pump.

In all other cases, we recommend you choose the TPE3 with its many new features and advantages.

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