Ensure global approvals, unified voltage supply, safety and regulatory compliance

Global MT OEMs operate across diverse countries and regions, each with different demands, voltage supply, safety and regulatory requirements for product approvals. This means increased pump stock levels, more pump variants and longer delivery times – often due to the distinct differences between 50 Hz and 60 Hz pump options. 

To remain competitive and forward-looking, our MT OEM customers must establish a strong global presence whilst handling various product approvals involving different suppliers. 

But this can mean slower, more complex delivery processes, ultimately leading to stock and handling costs and production planning difficulties. These machining sector challenges are becoming much more common due to governmental restrictions and regulations – and increasing sustainability demands. 

We can secure multiple product approvals across many countries with Grundfos MGE IE5 motors, capable of achieving 50/60 Hz in one pump. This means you will have the capacity to help your customers meet these approvals worldwide, satisfying energy and safety standards and ensuring consistent compliance and performance. All whilst reducing stock costs, alleviating operational complexities, facilitating easier product selection and enjoying more effective supply chain management.

Explore all our motor approvals

Our MGE IE5 motors can achieve dual-frequency support (50/60 Hz) in one pump, helping you meet energy and safety standards specific to different countries. They also offer the same level of performance on both the 50 and 60 Hz networks, reducing the required number of variants needed. And they’re compliant under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, which has earned us approvals in many countries worldwide. Download the pdf and discover all the countries we have approvals in.

Integrated safety with intelligent e-pumps

Machines must meet local safety requirements and not pose a risk to operating personnel. Our Safe Torque Off (STO) is a safety function that’s integrated into drives to ensure safety. STO removes torque generation immediately from the motor shaft – and takes highest priority of all operating modes. The integrated STO safety function eliminates the separate components that are common with standard safety technology using electromechanical switchgear, making it the superior, safer choice.

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