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System changes can be a concern for the machine tool sector when you factor in operational costs and the need to maintain high performance. It makes perfect sense; pumps are a big investment. 

That’s precisely why it’s important to consider everything from quality, service and durability to deliveries and reliable stock when choosing which option to go with. The right investment is the most cost-efficient investment in the long run.

Here at Grundfos, we build reliable, lasting partnerships with all our machining OEM customers to help you achieve long-term cost savings, short return on investment and low amortizations across the entire supply chain. By focusing on the entire spectrum of commercial business transactions, we can streamline your operations, saving you time and money at every supply level, from stock management to deliveries. This also allows us to quickly troubleshoot and resolve any issues at any supply stage without interruption. 

Our cost-effectiveness and long-term cost value are founded on uptime, quality and reliability. Our range of intelligent e-pumping solutions guarantees consistent and optimised pressure and flow for your machining processes. Our compact MTRE immersible e-pumps, for example, adapt to various high-pressure machining demands. With built-in frequency drive motors, intelligent sensors, and BUS communication capabilities, we can ensure precise machining system monitoring and control for cost-effective, energy-efficient processes and minimal downtime. 

We also have the added advantage of a strong global presence, distinguishing us from local competitors who often experience higher machine import costs. Our global presence means our supply chain can push our services and support to every corner of the globe, going beyond mechanical assistance to encompass a complete business service for your entire operations. 

And with our globally located distribution centres, we can deliver the right pumping solutions for the right applications with accurate tracking and delivery times — exactly when you need them. So your production is safe, no matter where you are.

Find out how we can help you save money 

Improving your machining processes doesn’t have to be expensive. Because while our pumping solutions are sometimes more expensive upfront, our solutions, services and support for machining systems can save you money in the long run – all whilst improving energy consumption and overall business efficiency for your customers. Simply send us your pump details and requirements, and we will evaluate what you need in line with your exact needs.

Discover the top 6 benefits of our cutting-edge machine tool solutions

Harness the power of our advanced machine tool and industrial system cooling solutions, each developed and refined over 75 years. Our solutions are built on long-standing industry experience and expertise and countless long-term collaborative global partnerships.

Explore the top 6 benefits our machine tool and system cooling technology brings to you and your customers – and discover how you can be at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

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Lots of incremental savings can add up to bigger margins. Book a meeting with one of our consultants for a no-obligation chat about how we can find ways to optimise your operations and system building.

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