How to fix low water pressure and a noisy water boosting system

If you’re suffering from fluctuating shower temperatures, slow filling toilets or noise from water pipes in your home, we have a solution for you. We produced the SCALA pump range to boost the water pressure in your home and improve the water supply system. 

Our video will show you how you can enhance home water pressure boosting systems.

Effects of low water pressure in the home

There are many different effects of low water pressure on the home. Firstly, insufficient water pressure can extend toilet tank refilling times, resulting in longer waiting time before flushing. Secondly, a lack of water pressure can also cause temperatures to fluctuate between scalding hot and freezing cold in the shower.

Asides from being uncomfortable to live with, insufficient water pressure can cause problems when running home appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers.

Watch the video and see how you make better domestic pressure boosting systems.


Identifying the cause of low water pressure

If the water boosting system is supplied with water from a water mains or shallow wells, you might experience fluctuations or even no pressure coming from the water mains itself.

However, if the water supply comes from a rooftop tank or a break tank elevated from ground level or below ground level, the pressure might not be sufficient. This will result in inadequate water pressure levels to supply taps and appliances in the home. In this case, you will need a water pressure booster to solve the low water pressure issue.

Noisy water booster system

Noise from water pipes or the booster pump can be annoying for your customer and their neighbours. In most cases, noisy pipes indicate problems in the water supply system. Since noise is easily transmitted via structures and components in the water supply system, it can be difficult to identify the source of the issue.

However, the most common reason is poor pump technology or poor pump control. Systems with older centrifugal pumps that use fan-cooled motors, can generate vibrations throughout the system, resulting in more noise.

Inefficient pumps that run constantly, even when there is no water being used, can cause boosting systems to be noisy. In addition, if the water booster pump has been poorly installed and not secured to the floor will cause vibrations and noise. 

Watch the video and see how you make better domestic pressure boosting systems.


Grundfos water pressure boosting pump

The Grundfos SCALA Pump range can solve noisy systems and fluctuating water temperatures. We produced this pump to integrate all components into one compact, water boosting device that includes a pump, tank, sensor and non-return valve.

Equipped with cutting edge technology, the SCALA1 and SCALA2 use intelligent water-cooling technology to reduce noise and vibration. During typical use, the SCALA1 omits < 47 dB(A) while the SCALA2 omits >55 dB(A). A decrease in sound level of 10dB(A) will actually appear as the noise has halved in loudness. For comparison, most dishwashers omit around 46-60 dB during typical use. 

For the ultimate home comfort and intelligent water boosting pump, choose the SCALA2 pump - our premium pump that keeps noise to a minimum and gives perfect water pressure.


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