SINGLE Water Distribution System

The Situation

Sensors for “SINGLE Water Distribution System

“Single is a manufacturer of heat-balancing technology, including surveillance controls and manifolds. Single needs to measure, display and control the flow and temperature in their different temperature control systems.”

Single Temperiertechnik GmbH (SINGLE, ed.) have been using Grundfos Direct Sensors™ in “temperature control systems” to measure flow and temperature for more than 3 years now.

For a new water distribution system SINGLE decided to use a new version of Grundfos Direct Sensors™ to measure flow and temperature in a manifold.


The Grundfos Solution

The target for the new water distribution system was that is has to be developed as compact and also as various as possible. 

The request to Grundfos Direct Sensors™ was to offer a flow sensor, which could be integrated in a brass manifold in a compact way.

The VFS 1-12 QT and VFS 2-40 QT was the ideal solution, because of the possibility to integrate the cylindrical flow pipe into the brass manifold and place the sensor afterwards with an easy clip connection.

Beneficial was also that both composite flow pipes (measuring ranges 1-12 l/min and 2-40 l/min) fits into the same brass manifold without any mechanical changes.


With our competence in mechanical development, it was easy to integrate the flow sensors VFS 1-12 QT and VFS 2-40 QT into our brass manifold. The solution was presented for the first time at FAKUMA 2009 in Friedrichshafen and was well received among the SINGLE visitors at the exhibition stand.
Karlheinz Gruber, Managing Director, SINGLE

The Outcome

The advantage of the combination of flow and temperature could be also used in the application “Water Distribution System”.
But the most important benefit was the possibility to integrate the sensor in the brass manifold of SINGLE.
Because of the simple integration, it was easy for SINGLE to develop the final manifold solution in a short term.
With one sensor in each and every part of the Water Distribution System, SINGLE is able to measure and control every single water circuit in the complete system.
The basis for the integration of Grundfos Direct Sensors™ flow sensors in the Water Distribution System was the good experience with Grundfos sensors in a lot of other applications at SINGLE.

Water Distribution System using the VFS Direct Sensors


The integration of flow sensors in manifolds was a new application for us and it was really surprising for me, that SINGLE could present the final solution at the exhibition FAKUMA 2009 in Friedrichshafen only four months after the first presentation of this sensor solution at SINGLE. This solution enables us to offer only the sensor parts with our deep know-how in a price competitive solution to the customer, namely the sensor and the flow pipe.
Günther Drews, Sales Manager, Grundfos Direct Sensors

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