A family of 20,000 pioneers

Ever since our founding in 1945, we remain driven to make water more accessible and reliable, to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency.

Discover the Foundation that owns us, the purpose and principles we live by, our leadership structure and take a journey through more than 75 years of history.

Built on a strong Foundation

Thirty years after founding Grundfos, Poul Due Jensen created the Grundfos Foundation. He transferred to it primary ownership of the Grundfos Group to ensure his company would serve the best interests of society for generations to come.

The Foundation’s main purpose is to ensure and support healthy economic growth and development of the Grundfos Group (currently maintaining 87.6% primary ownership), while also funding philanthropic work in the fields of water, research and inclusion. With separate governance bodies, this unique ownership structure allows Grundfos to maintain a high degree of independence and a long-term perspective.

Purpose at our core

Water has always been the heart and soul of Grundfos. That’s why we’re driven to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality of life for people. This purpose is central to everything we do, and it’s supported by our six core values: sustainable, open and trustworthy, focused on people, independent, partnership and relentlessly ambitious.

Leadership team & structure

CEO Poul Due Jensen and Grundfos Group Management, together with the Board of Directors, are responsible for running and developing our business.

Business principles

Honesty and integrity are universal languages that align with our core values. Our business principles stand behind our credibility among our colleagues, partners and customers. 

Visit Grundfos

You’re always warmly welcome at Grundfos! Drop by for a visit and gain an in-depth insight into our history, production, values, strategy and much more. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience day-to-day life at a global organisation of over 20,000 employees. 

Other Grundfos companies

Silhorko-Eurowater, MECO – all our brands share the Grundfos identity and purpose, playing critical roles in helping us achieve our ambitions.