Asperitas provides high quality Immersed Computing® with Grundfos Direct Sensors™

About Asperitas

Asperitas is a world leading technology company in the field of Immersed Computing®. They are innovators and first movers in their field. Grundfos is always searching for parteners with a strong vision for the future who use only the best technologies in their systems. Asperitas produces and sells immersed computing cooling for datacenters around the world. 

Asperitas Ecoracks Eindhoven


The Situation

Asperitas was looking for a small format and advanced and precise solution to integrate within our Immersed Computing®, datacentre in a box, solution. We are always looking for the highest quality components regarding capabilities and materials. Our solutions are deployed in the most advanced datacentres, which are built and operated with the highest standards.

This is important in order to not compromise on quality. The choice for Grundfos Direct Sensors was easy, as we were looking for partners who are willing to work with Asperitas towards new levels of innovation and support the Research and Development team.

When we look for partners we have ambitious expectations, on expertise, innovation, service levels and agility. Grundfos is ticking all the boxes for us.
Merijn Koster, CTO Asperitas

The Grundfos Solution

We love the fact that Grundfos was listening carefully to our needs and requirements. They showed they are willing to think outside the box and also work on special solutions when they are required. For us one of their solutions was a great match for what we needed. The VFS and RPS solutions are innovative, they match the size and shapes we could allow within our current product design. And they provide the required flow and pressure measurements. We were  impressed with the technology and design of the solutions.

The support Grundfos is giving us during projects is highly appreciated. And our R&D team has access to all documentation needed to acquire knowledge on a detailed level, so we can also support our customers the way we like it: with high service standards, precise and quick.

Asperitas (side)


The Outcome

Datacenters are all about safety and continuity. Immersed Computing® is a technology which is having a positive impact on the way datacenters are built and operated. The solutions from Grundfos we are using are contributing to this directly.

We can monitor and automate safety management, create real-time insight for our customers through our management dashboard, thus allowing for precise control.

Asperitas (inside)

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