Versatile flow- & temperature sensor for flow monitoring in valve gate cold-runner block systems (VGCR) in elastomer and rubber industry

The Situation

M. Huber I.T.Σ. GmbH developed in the past a Flow and Temperature Monitoring System (FTMS) for checking our cold runner blocks with up to four analog Flow and Temperature Sensors for up to four tempering circuits. Furthermore, we get a feedback about the heat exchange inside the cold runner blocks with a special view in the process of injection molding. The FTMS also detect leakage and provide the chance for preventive maintenance. 
The number of tempering circuits depends on our customer’s request and the field of application. To be able to increase the number of sensors and not increase at the same time the size of our FTMS we had to find a light and easy manageable sensor. We also needed a higher temperature range of our actual used sensors, as high as 160°C. 
The main decision for using Grundfos Direct Sensors™ was the higher temperature range, increase the number up to 32 sensors with our FTMS, as well as the field of experience in sensor technology.

VFS-QT 1-18 & 2-40 Flow & temperature sensor


The Grundfos Solution

During the process of our new product development, after defining the problem, Grundfos delivered to M. Huber I.T.Σ. GmbH samples of their new Grundfos VFS Generation 8 sensors. The testing board with an integrated serial communication interface and the 1-wire board helped in development of the final solution. The sensors were chosen because of the simplicity and the attractive prices.
We had a very close and helpful cooperation with the sales in Germany and the product development in Denmark – with fast exchange and many ideas for further product development on both sides for Grundfos Direct Sensors™.

FTMS Control box and valve-gate cold-runner-block


The Outcome

To get the measured values from all sensors we’re using a PLC with a RS232 interface for serial communication. The code was created in structure code language according to IEC 61131 and contains the process of initialization, verification and getting the sensor specifics definitions – implemented after the Grundfos guideline for their sensors with digital interface. With view to the next step of development – to control flow and temperature with valves we chose an industrial PLC solution which is robust, easy to substitute and can be individual specified by customers request and the field of application.
Our Software can detect now automatically, which sensor (VFS and/or MFS) and how many Grundfos sensors are connected to our FTMS box, showing the individual flow and temperature ranges. 
The FTMS visualizes the current measurement values of Flow and Temperature and calculates the heat flow. Additionally, you can set up parameters to watch if the measurement is within the specified limits. In case the measurement is out of your given range, the device will give out detailed alarm messages with an acoustic warning. 
In addition, the FTMS has a local data log as well as a state of the art OPC UA interface for network communication and shows real time graphs of the measurement.

It has been a pleasure supporting you. I’m also looking forward to meeting you and developing the business.
Morten Halse, Grundfos Senior Product Development Engineer

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