New Pumps in an Existing System - No Problem!

Gothenburg Golf Club (Göteborgs GK) is Sweden's oldest active golf club, operating in Hovås outside of Gothenburg since 1902. The lawns here are impressively well-kept, and it's evident that a lot of effort goes into maintaining the facility. To ensure a healthy and thriving lawn, good infrastructure with pipes, sprinklers, pumps, and pump houses is essential. However, the pump house is often overlooked, despite its crucial role.

Grundfos has an excellent reputation, and we already knew they manufacture high-quality products
Göran Niva, Golf Course Superintendent at Göteborgs GK

Recently, Göteborgs GK noticed that there was a significant amount of noise coming from the pump house. They decided to address this issue and entrusted Grundfos with the task of finding a solution that would be quieter and more energy-efficient.

Although the equipment in the pump house at Göteborgs GK is old, they were able to make modifications within the existing facility. The challenge was to work with the existing system and integrate new solutions. Often, it's possible to use old pipes and avoid building an entirely new infrastructure for pump solutions. Such an approach saves both money and energy, making the system more reliable and requiring less maintenance in the long run.

8% lower energy consumption

New pumps in an already existing system. Today, after the Grundfos update, there is significantly less noise from the pump house and electricity consumption has decreased by 8%.

"Grundfos has an excellent reputation, and we already knew they manufacture high-quality products. We have Grundfos pumps on our facility, which have been working for 40 years. So, we were satisfied with the supplier from the start," says Göran Niva, Golf Course Superintendent at Göteborgs GK. He continues, "We noticed that the old pumps were starting to leak, and it was quite challenging to find spare parts. Eve- rything was becoming worn out, and it was simply time for a replacement. The equipment has been in use since the late 1980s. It's fundamental that irrigation works on a golf course; it must not fail. It could have dire consequences."

Water is not an infinite resource, but Grundfos' solution allows Göteborgs GK to use water more efficiently thanks to the new pumps and control system. There is a stream running through the entire area to a pond adjacent to the golf course. Some rainwater flows into the pond, and the golf course's pond is the last stop before everything drains into the sea. During the peak summer season, there is an 8-hour window for irrigation, and if the pumps are worn out, it's impossible to water the entire course in that time.

How has the update worked?

"We've had the same pumps for 40 years, so a system up- date was necessary. Now it feels like we've entered the 21st century. We also noticed a significant reduction in energy consumption after the update, which we naturally consider very positive. The new changes have been a real success. Everything has worked flawlessly throughout the season, so we are very satisfied," says Göran Niva.

The result of the update was an 8% reduction in electricity consumption for the irrigation system. Good and modern pumps can undeniably lower electricity consumption, which is crucial in today's times, both for the economy and the environment.

The pump house is located directly next to a pond, with a stream running through the entire facility

How has the collaboration worked?

"It has worked very well in our opinion. The people who have been here to install the pumps and all the electrical compo- nents have been very skilled and cooperative. Everything feels professional. I am very pleased and feel that it could hardly have been better. We will definitely continue to work with Grundfos in the future. In fact, we are already discussing creating a new solution for one of the pumps located at a slightly higher elevation on the course. Grundfos has recom- mended some simple changes that could further reduce pressure there," concludes Göran Niva.

"Typical for many of Sweden's golf courses is that they have 2-3 holes at a higher elevation than the rest, and this requires increasing the pressure for all the pumps, which results in more wear and tear. But with the right pressure, in the right place, unnecessary wear and tear can be avoided. And that benefits everyone," says Sören Sund Larsen, Senior Service Specialist at Grundfos.

For optimal water and energy savings, it's essential to review the pump house when examining the sprinkler system. The pump house is often forgotten as the heart of the irrigation system. Significant savings can be achieved with new, modern, and energy-efficient pumps and pump controls.

Grundfos delivered

  • CRE pressure booster pumps
  • Hydro MPC pressure booster package
  • Installation and commissioning

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