Grand energy savings at Budapest hotel

Hotel chain chooses intelligent, high-efficiency Grundfos pumps as part of their commitment to sustainable growth.

Across society, decision-makers are embracing environmental thinking as they commit to a more sustainable future. When the Antara New York Palace identified ageing, inefficient pumps in their heating and cooling systems, they turned directly to Grundfos for intelligent, energy-efficient pumping solutions.

Executive summary

The Antara New York Palace Hotel in Budapest, Hungary is committed along with its parent company Anantara to sustainable growth, with environmental concerns such as water and energy conservation critical to its operational, service and product decision-making. Looking to optimise their water systems and energy use, the hotel turned to Grundfos as a trusted supplier of reliable, high-efficiency water solutions. The collaborative pump replacement project has completed its first stage and already resulted in significant energy savings with new intelligent, controllable pumps around the hotel’s HVAC systems. 

It has been a pleasure collaborating with the Antara New York Palace Hotel to make meaningful contributions to their environmental agenda. Our cutting-edge pump technology delivers optimised energy efficiency while maintaining guests’ comfort in the luxurious surroundings.
Tamás Paller, Senior Service Sales Engineer, Grundfos

The situation

The 5-star Antara New York Palace Hotel Budapest attracts visitors from all over the world with its belle-époque grandeur and an eatery known as “the most beautiful café in the world.” Yet behind its opulent marble façade was an ageing heating and cooling system that was proving increasingly costly for the hotel’s owners.

The pumps driving the system were frequently breaking down, and their inefficiency was readily apparent to the owners – they were consuming so much electricity that they were responsible for a large proportion of the hotel’s energy costs, which were rising steeply alongside global energy prices.

In line with the Anantara hotel chain’s sustainability approach, which includes environmental protection projects and clear commitments to reducing water and energy use, Antara New York Palace’s management therefore decided to modernise the pump fleet. Their primary objectives were to increase energy efficiency and improve safety, while reducing energy consumption, maintenance costs and the environmental impact of the hotel. 

The solution

The hotel contacted Grundfos directly, explaining they already had first-hand experience of our pumps’ reliability, with the aim of selecting low-energy, controllable pumps that were compatible with their existing pipe network.

Together with the hotel’s contractor, who by coincidence had also approached Grundfos regarding the renovation project, the project team was formed. The first task was to resolve a number of technical issues identified before installation to ensure the new pumps’ compatibility with the twenty-year-old pipe network.

The next stage of the technical consultation identified a total of 63 Grundfos TPE, TPE3 and MAGNA3 pumps to replace the hotel’s existing pumps. The project was prioritised into phases in order to minimise disruption to guests and the maintain an uninterrupted system operation. 

The outcome

The Priority One stage of the project is complete, with the first eleven pumps installed around the hot water and cooling circuits of the swimming pool and coffee house.

In terms of hydraulic specification, the pumps are like-for-like replacements, but their intelligent, automatic control of the flow rate and duty point has optimised and already significantly reduced the hotel’s energy consumption.

The new pumps are fully controllable and, together with those to be installed in the next phases of the project, will provide the hotel with reliable, controllable and energy-efficient pump technology for the next two decades and beyond, assisting the Antara New York Palace Hotel in strengthening its environmental commitment and fulfilling its sustainability aspirations. 

As society and its decision-makers increasingly embrace environmental thinking and commit to a more sustainable future, the project has proved to be a positive example of how Grundfos can contribute to our customers’ environmental targets by delivering efficient pumping solutions for energy-optimised HVAC systems in any hospitality environment.

Our hotel chain Anantara strongly supports environmental protection, which applies to our operations, services and products. Energy efficiency and safety were our main objectives and we were guided by our experience with previously installed Grundfos pumps, which failed less frequently than other pumps.
Gábor Szabó, Maintenance Manager, Antara New York Palace Budapest Hotel

Grundfos supplied

63 TPE, TPE3 & MAGNA3 pumps to be delivered in prioritised phases of around 11 pumps at a time.

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