INORCOAT: Increasing the efficiency of environmentally friendly PVD coating technologies

Start-up company INORCOAT relies on sensor technology from Grundfos to develop environmentally friendly nanotechnology coating systems. The latest PVD coating system was developed for the Croatian Mint and is intended for coating dies for euro coins. However, the possible applications go far beyond embossing dies and printing plates.


The situation

INORCOAT's maxim "Passion for PVD" aims to provide an affordable and technically mature solution for every possible application. Only then can PVD realize its full potential as a green technology that protects people and the environment compared to competing technologies (e.g. galvanization) and lead to truly more sustainable production processes. This is crucial for a sustainable and resource-saving manufacturing industry.

We looked at the available PVD systems on the market and considered them from the point of view of: Could we make it easier and better without compromising the quality of the result in the long term?
Romain Waidelich, owner of INORCOAT

The Grundfos solution

For its latest system, the MS 700, INORCOAT relies on the versatile Vortex flow sensor series from Grundfos. In this specific case, the sensors (VFS 2/40 QT) are used to control the flow rate and temperature of the cooling water for the cathodes in the PVD coating system. The safety-related control and regulation is automated and is largely responsible for optimum system availability and efficiency.


Each cathode in the system (whether magnetron sputter or linear ion source) operates with its own sensor unit and is individually controlled to achieve the optimum temperature level for each cathode and thus the best possible efficiency of the PVD coating process. The focus here is on the optimum PVD coating quality for the customer and his product. The sensors are installed in the return flow of the stainless-steel tube manifold (see picture) and measure the flow and temperature of the cooling water here. 

In addition to controlling and regulating the efficiency level of the PVD cathodes, pressure sensors (RPS 0-6) from Grundfos are used. The data from the pressure sensors significantly supplement and sensitize the control system and contribute to optimum system efficiency and availability. 

The primary decision in favor of Grundfos sensors was based on the compact design of the sensor series and the associated efficient installation solution. On the other hand, the well-thought-out ergonomics and service ergonomics should be positively emphasized here.


The Grundfos team's professional, knowledgeable and application-oriented approach to us was crucial!
Romain Waidelich, owner INORCOAT

The outcome

The cooperation with Grundfos and its field service was very good and absolutely focused. The matching product for the sensitive application of the PVD system was found quickly.

The prompt response and communication at eye level is remarkable. We also plan to work closely with Grundfos for current and future projects!
Romain Waidelich, owner INORCOAT

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