Iconic green space receives the Grundfos treatment

The Situation

In 2019, a mixed-use project by the Egyptian government was launched in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt. This project was intended to be a national icon, with residential neighborhoods and commercial buildings to be linked to its Central Park to create an integrated green hub.

We knew we could offer complete solutions for our client thanks to our extensive range of pumps and engineering expertise.
Mina Sidhom, Senior Sales Developer, Grundfos Egypt

“Taking on a project of this size would be a challenge for any company, but we are ready for it,” says Mina Sidhom, Senior Sales Developer, Grundfos Egypt. “We knew we could offer complete solutions for our client thanks to our extensive range of pumps and engineering expertise.”

In creating an interconnected green space of such magnitude, three main problems arose: maintaining adequate water pressure, keeping the operation protected from outside users, and controlling pressure fluctuations. 

The Solution

The company responsible for the project was struggling to maintain adequate water pressure throughout the network. Minor pressure drops across filtration units had an impact on the water pressure being delivered. To solve this issue, Grundfos implemented the use of five booster systems, namely a combination of the HYDRO MPC E and HYDRO Multi E, to deliver a mixture of water for irrigation purposes and potable water at 40L/sec at a pressure of 8 to 9 bar. 



These booster units are equipped with a ‘limit exceed’ function, which produces warnings and alarms if flow rates exceed the predetermined set point. These warnings and alarms were linked via SCADA to the building management system, which helps operators make timely interventions. 

Over the course of the project, it was discovered that the end user was concerned about high pressure discharges being caused by unauthorized users interfering with the control panel.

Sidhom continues, “The standard inbuilt password control feature of the Grundfos MPC panels allows operators to use passwords to prevent unauthorized access and ensures safe operation of the network. This gave our client confidence in the safety of our design and the satisfaction of knowing that they have complete control of the network.”

Maintaining the network pressure within its target range is extremely important, as pressure fluctuations increase the likelihood of pipe failure and leakage. The Grundfos Control MPC has gradual ramp-up and ramp-down functionality combined with proportional pressure control to maintain consistent pressure at consumers’ taps, in both high and low-flow periods, as well as the added benefit of significant leakage reductions.

The Outcome

Being able to provide such comprehensive solutions for their customer has resulted in Grundfos gaining their trust, along with the opportunity to secure further development phases within the project and its associated residential developments. Overall, Grundfos has supplied the project with nearly 1000 pumps in total.

“We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of this project for both Grundfos and the end users of this project,” Waleed Okasha, Senior Sales Manager, says. “As an integral partner in the project, Grundfos is dedicated to ensuring our solutions will continue to benefit all aspects of this mixed-use project in the future.”

Grundfos Supplied

Overall, Grundfos has supplied the project with nearly 1000 pumps in total, with the majority being HYDRO MPC booster sets and sewage grinder pumps.

Control MPC panel

CU352 controller

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