Why are smart pumps the smart choice for your commercial buildings? You get saved time, better system integration, reliable operation and reduced energy consumption.

It’s time to use smarter, more energy-efficient pumps

Pump technology has advanced so much in recent years. Nowadays, the improvements in intelligence and efficiency are astonishing – improvements that bring you the benefits of increased building efficiency and reduced OPEX.

Smart pump solutions:

  • Ensure optimal HVAC performance and high-performance buildings.

  • Drastically improve system integration, communicating directly to BMS systems for improved operations and peace of mind.

  • Ensure everything’s operating reliably, with features such as proportional pressure control and data logs to instantly diagnose problems and avoid downtime.

Grundfos E-pumps combine energy-efficient pumps, motors, drives and controls into an all-in-one solution.

Discover in detail how they bring you more value and efficiency while reducing your energy consumption and carbon footprint, supported by cases from around the world.

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Follow the links below for inspirational articles, insights and podcasts covering how with energy-efficient smart pump solutions we can heavily reduce the world’s energy consumption.

Unlocking the future of high-performance buildings

Listen to Bent Jensen, CEO, Commercial Building Services at Grundfos giving his perspective on how we can address challenges such as urbanisation and population growth by designing and optimising our commercial buildings to run more efficiently.

The podcast can also be downloaded at Spotify or Apple

Rethinking energy distribution in commercial buildings

Grundfos Business Development Manager Pete Korzeniewski is an expert in in HVAC efficiency and Distributed Pumping. He explains how we should shift our focus from energy creation to energy distribution in order to make commercial buildings run more efficiently.

The podcast can also be downloaded at Spotify or Apple

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