Student Projects

Collaborate with Grundfos

At Grundfos, we have many different projects for students to work on, whether it being as a semester project, an internship or a thesis collaboration. On this page you can contact some of our departments for more information about possible projects. 

Fluid Mechanics

Within Fluid Mechanics at Grundfos, you will find projects on everything from simulations and modelling to optimisation of hydraulic devices. 

Contact: Martin Bang Jensen


Contact: Thorkild Kvisgaard


In Materials, we work to answer three basic questions: 

  • How do materials in our products behave and interact with their environment?
  • What are the latest developments in material science and how can we use these for Grundfos?
  • How can integrating materials and design give Grundfos' products a competitive edge?

Contact: Allan Hjarbæk Holm

Structural Mechanics

Within Structural Mechanics, you will find projects on everything from design optimisation of different products to simulations of components. 

Contact: Martin Bang Kristensen


The department of Controls deals with advanced system and motor control, including condition monitoring. Possible projects cover activities such as algorithm development, simulation and testing.

Contact: Hakon Børsting

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Contact: Badrinath Veluri

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