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Collaborate with Grundfos

At Grundfos, we have many different projects for students to work on, whether it being as a semester project, an internship or a thesis collaboration. On this page you can contact some of our departments for more information about possible projects. 

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Within Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics at Grundfos, you will find projects on everything from simulations and modelling to optimisation of hydraulic devices. 

Contact: Martin Bang Kristensen


Contact: Thorkild Kvisgaard

Structural Mechanics

Within Structural Mechanics, you will find projects on everything from design optimisation of different products to simulations of components. 

Contact: Martin Bang Kristensen


In Materials, we work to answer three basic questions: 

  • How do materials in our products behave and interact with their environment?
  • What are the latest developments in material science and how can we use these for Grundfos?
  • How can integrating materials and design give Grundfos' products a competitive edge?

Contact: Allan Hjarbæk Holm


Explore different opportunities withing Motor Design & Simulation.

You will find projects on everything from simulations and modelling to optimisation of motors. This covers many motor types like induction motors and various permanent magnet motors.

Contact:  Keld Folsach Rasmussen

Sustainable Manufacturing

Within sustainable manufacturing, you will find projects related to development of new sustainable production technologies and remanufacturing of pump components from Grundfos take back program.

Contact: Leif Gram Nielsen

Manufacturing process technologies

Within manufacturing process technologies you will find projects related to development and optimization of manufacturing processes for our hydraulic components, motors, integrated controls and also final assembly of pumps and pump solutions. 

Contact: Torben Buch Rasmussen

Additive Manufacturing

Within Additive Manufacturing, you will find projects related to development of additive manufacturing processes, materials and design in both metal and polymers.

Contact: Thorsten Brorson Otte


In Sensors, we develop sensor solutions for our pumps and pump systems. The sensors we work with range from flow, pressure and temperature sensors, to optical, vibrational and electromagnetic sensors. Furthermore we also work with soft sensors. Our projects are typically within these areas:

  • Sensor principles
  • Hardware electronics, which include both analogue and digital electronics
  • Sensor packaging and integration
  • Signal processing

Contact: Michael R.S. Hansen

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