How to get a pump curve quickly

How to get a pump curve quickly

The fastest way to access pump efficiency curves and other pump information

Review pump performance curves in an instant

Are you looking for a way to quickly verify that the pump you’ve chosen can meet your duty points? Or have your pump curve explained? Grundfos Product Center makes accessing and reading pump curves easier than ever, providing a simple display of system characteristics to help you understand your pump’s efficiency and verify your pump choice. 

Step 1: Search for your product

To find the pump performance curve you need, simply type the pump name into the “Product” search field and select the product and model you want. This will then provide the right pump curve as well as additional pump information.

How to get a pump curve quickly

Step 2: Review the information

When reading pump curves, simply type in your duty point or just click directly on the graph and compare it to the pump curve. You can also do quick calculations on efficiency, speed and P1.

How to get a pump curve quickly

Step 3: Print pump curve and additional data

Export or print your pump performance curve and any of the calculations you find useful. You can also sign in and save it to ‘Projects’ for later use.

How to get a pump curve quickly

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