Chinese state visit strengthened collaboration

Grundfos engages in sales, production and development in China and with a 17 per cent increase in sales from 2010 to 2011, the company has gained a strong foothold in the Chinese market. The state visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao was a promising opportunity for expanding the fruitful collaboration.
Those were the words of Group President and CEO Carsten Bjerg, who participated in the state visit.
- China is our second home market, and the Chinese President’s visit to Denmark offers a fantastic opportunity to expand the Danish-Chinese collaboration. This has been a wish for quite some time, he says. He continues:
- China is faced with major structural challenges as regards water supply and wastewater purification, for example, and we have a set of core competences that can contribute to sustainable solutions, he says.

Even stronger collaboration
In addition to Carsten Bjerg, Group Senior Vice President Humphrey Lau took the trip from China to Copenhagen to participate in the state visit. He has been responsible for setting the course for Grundfos China since 2008, and he has in-depth knowledge of the Chinese culture. He is convinced that both China and Grundfos will benefit from greater collaboration.
- The state visit is the culmination of many years of close collaboration with our Chinese business partners and authorities, and I am certain that we can use the visit and the agreements that are concluded to open new doors in the vast Chinese market, he says.

Innovative solutions
According to Humphrey Lau, Grundfos offers a wide range of innovative solutions, which may, for example, help develop and improve the water pipe network in the country, thus benefitting the development of the infrastructure in the Chinese society.
- The market is a vast and growing, both as regards the provision of clean drinking water and handling of wastewater in line with the growing urbanisation. Many Chinese cities experience a water loss of up to 50 per cent, and we have the technologies to reduce the water loss and lower the energy consumption.

During the state visit, Grundfos signed an agreement with the world’s largest producer of solar panels, Himin Solar Corporation from China.