Bringing aluminium to life again and again

24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At Grundfos’ own foundry, we melt recycled aluminium into parts for new sustainable pumps. The aluminium comes from old car wheels, bicycles and cans, and together with recycled material from our production, it is transformed into new products. Every year, some 13.5 million units are cast by the 100 employees in the department. The almost 50 different units include stator housing, electronics parts, flanges and tops for terminal boxes – but stator housings remain the main product.

Our current die cast plant in Bjerringbro has been running since 1985. The 25 years anniversary was celebrated with a completely new chimney, which makes use of a so-called electrostatic filter and efficiently purifies the smoke from one of Denmark’s last die cast plants. The filter is the only filter in the world that is used in a die cast plant. Furthermore, we have reduced our energy usage in the foundry by 50 per cent since 1992.

Have a look inside our foundry a see how it looks, when liquid aluminium are turned into pumps.