Create your own customized pumping station

A new Pumping Station Creator makes it easy for our customers to find the right designed solution for their needs. The new access point gives quick access to our full range of prefabricated pumping stations.

Every wastewater network faces its own unique set of challenges. Whether it is heavy rainfall in urban areas or challenges regarding huge volumes of wastewater. One way of finding the answer, which is the right one for the single customer, is Grundfos’ new Pumping Station Creator. It gives easy access to our wide range of tailor-made pumping stations with a high modular approach and the most advanced design tools.

“The pumping stations are customized and CE-marked, and when you add our newly developed Pumping Station Creator, which is an online design tool, I would say that we have a pretty strong hand,” says Global Product Manager Klaus G. Lauridsen.

Design your own solution
The Pumping Station Creator is a part of Grundfos Product Center and in this online application, designers, installers and contractors can go through the process of specifying the perfect size, features and functionalities for their projects in five easy steps.

Visit Grundfos Product Center and design your own solution 

“With this tool, it is quick and easy to design the appropriate pumping station and when you have completed the process, you will receive a full specification of your project with a unique specified quotation text and CAD drawings, Klaus G. Lauridsen explains and states that user-friendliness was given substantial focus.

Tested in detail
When making a pumping station, many different components needs to be in place and the whole system needs to be CE-marked. Sometimes customers have to do this themselves, but from this time on, Grundfos offers a fully documented CE-marked solution. As the marking covers the entire pumping station, customers avoid the hassle of creating the CE declaration of conformity before it is taken into use.

“With thousands of units already in action, we are well-known in the market and we have the experience needed to deliver high quality. On top of that, the CE-marking is really icing on the cake,“ he says.

The prefabricated pumping stations reduce construction costs onsite and when the hole is deep enough to fit the pumping station, it is plug and play.“A swift installation, with pumps, controls, tank, pipework, level sensing system, variable speed drive, and a full range of communication possibilities our package is without a doubt an innovative solution, where the pump is one out of more main characters,” Klaus G. Lauridsen says.