Giving back to the community

Our colleagues in GB are traditionally very generous in raising funds to support various charities which hasn’t stopped despite the current COVID-19 situation.

Collectively, they have raised more than 37,000 GBP through different fundraising events such as dress down days, cake baking and other activities. This is all part of a ‘Grundfos Gives Back’ campaign that GB has initiated. Recipients include hospices, as well as a canoe club, a youth counselling project, and a charity that provides supported employment for adults with learning disabilities.  

“It was difficult to choose between the many great initiatives that exist around our community, but we asked the employees to nominate local organisations that they either had a personal connection with or in some way felt local to them,” says Letitia Winston.   

The impact and the gratitude cannot be ignored:  “Your donation will make a huge difference, allowing us to continue supporting patients and their families in the community through the most difficult time of their lives,” writes Willen Hospice.  Keech Hospice also reached out to our colleagues with a heartfelt Thank you! 

“It is great to hear how our efforts have made a difference, but we are not finished. We will continue to raise funds and support charities in our community,” says Letitia Winston ending with “It makes me proud.”