Grundfos’ Global Graduate Programme gives young talent an unique opportunity

The Global Graduate Programme has existed for nearly 30 years in Denmark. Now the time has come to expand the program to other countries: India, China and USA – possibly Russia in the future. 

Young talents are key for Grundfos and for almost 30 years The Global Graduate Programme has added value to our business. The program is a two-year talent and development program for young people who recently got their master’s degree. The goal was – and continues to be – to attract, develop and retain young professionals.

“Grundfos has a strong vision to attract and retain young talents. This is why we are expanding our Global Graduate Programme from having only graduates in Denmark, to also having graduates in India, China and USA. We have already begun the recruitment process for the 2022 intake globally,” says Birgitte Dam, Lead Talent Specialist & Global Graduate Programme Manager.

During the two years, each graduate goes through four project rotations in Grundfos, each lasting six months where one of the rotations must be spend overseas.

“The four rotations make sure that our graduates get different perspectives on how we do business in Grundfos. I believe that the program allows our graduates to build bridges between different departments and divisions, but I also see the graduates as change agents. They dare to push agendas and challenge our business,” says Birgitte. 

Currently, there are 26 graduates in Grundfos, one being Caroline Tian from China.

“The programme is designed so well, and we learn how Grundfos runs its business – both in China but also globally. I also get to use theoretical knowledge from university combined with real business cases,” says Caroline.

Frederik Visti Grønbæk, former graduate, learned about his dream job during his fourth rotation in Industry, Sales Development – a rotation that landed him his dream job.

“I don't think, I would be this happy in my first job if I hadn't experienced the Global Graduate Programme. To fully understand what you want in a workplace, you need to try both the things you like to work with and the things that you might not find as interesting. The four rotations gave that opportunity, and I actually think that the rotations I found less interesting have been the most valuable for me as I know my own limits and what I want in a workplace,” says Frederik, now Senior Sales Development Specialist and former graduate.

“For me it was a gift, that the Global Graduate Programme allowed time and space for me to figure out what path I wanted to take. As global graduates, I’m sure we learn more about the company during the two years than any other who spends two years in Grundfos,” Frederik continues.  

Each graduate is specifically chosen before they can be accepted to The Global Graduate Programme.

“We hire all kinds of different profiles, and we are not solely looking at their educational background. To us, the most important part is that they fit well within Grundfos and have potential to grow. Of course, they must be talents, but we see great success in adding graduates to the program who think differently and have gone through different academic studies,” says Birgitte. To know more about Grundfos’ Global Graduate Programme, click here.