Grundfos opening sheltered workshops in Hungary

The workshop is the 9th of its kind in the Grundfos Group, but the first to be established outside Denmark.

Without the sheltered workshop the 17 disabled persons would have had very limited possibilities in the Hungarian labour market. They have lost between 40 and 70 percent of their working capacities and so they are unable to do jobs on the same level as everybody else. Nevertheless the jobs they have got in the sheltered workshop are real workplaces integrated in production.

The new sheltered workshop is part of the production area in the Hungarian Grundfos factory and this is why it employs physically disabled people exclusively. Moving about the cranes and machines in the factory would be too dangerous for mentally handicapped.

Having employed staff on special conditions for more than three decades, Grundfos today aims to have at least three percent of staff employed on special conditions.

The pump company wants to demonstrate that it is possible to combine social commitment with industrial production. By believing in the potential of each em-
ployee, showing everyone the respect they deserve, Grundfos wants to be an honest and reliable part of the society in which it operates.