Grundfos partners with UNITECH International

As a Corporate Partner of UNITECH International, Grundfos strengthens its talent pipeline and joins a vibrant Corporate and Academic community that promotes the development of talent and collaboration in support of economic growth and sustainability.

Grundfos joins UNITECH International as a Corporate Partner.

UNITECH International is a non-profit organisation founded with the purpose of developing the next generation of responsible industry leaders and bridging the gap between leading European technical universities, renowned corporations, and global talent coming from many different backgrounds and cultures.

“We identify closely with UNITECH’s mission given our strong commitment to securing Grundfos’ access to high-quality and diverse talent for the future. This newly-formed partnership links to our ongoing efforts around Early Career Development as a cornerstone of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative,” says Lone Tvis, Group Executive Vice President and CHRO.

UNITECH International’s value proposition revolves around a highly-selective scheme, supported by member universities and companies, targeting a diverse group of high-potential engineering students across Europe to fast-track their development towards impactful roles in industry globally.

In addition to Grundfos’ existing talent development and outreach programmes globally, UNITECH will provide access to a complementary talent stream that comprises new UNITECH graduates and a pool of over 1,000 UNITECH alumni that have taken leadership roles in industry.

“Our engagement with UNITECH International is deeply rooted in our company values that include forging meaningful partnerships and being relentlessly ambitious. The UNITECH ecosystem is uniquely positioned to champion a new way of doing business. We see this collaboration as a platform to exchange and share best practices with industry peers and universities on many themes that are relevant to our transformation including, but not limited to, sustainability, innovation and digital transformation,” says Moncef Tanfour, Group Vice President Strategic Development & IMO, and UNITECH Alumnus, who will act as the main Grundfos representative.

The UNITECH ecosystem of partners includes innovative companies such as ABB, Danfoss, Evonik, Geberit, Hilti, Infineon and Roche, as well as pioneering academic institutions such as ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers University of Technology, Politecnico di Milano, and Trinity College Dublin.

Learn more about our new partner by visiting the website of UNITECH International